Mataki-Classic Documents

Document Type Date
Mataki-Classic User Guide PDF 10/04/2018
Mataki-Classic Programming Guide PDF 28/02/2018

Mataki-Lite Documents

Document Type Date
Mataki-Lite User Guide PDF 23/10/2019
Mataki-Lite Programming Guide PDF 28/02/2018
Mataki-Lite EMBASIC Reference PDF 23/10/2019
Mataki-Lite Battery Life Estimation Spreadsheet XLS 24/10/2019

Other Documents

Document Type Date
Mataki Quick Start Guide PDF 28/02/2018
Mataki Support Board User Guide PDF 28/02/2018
PuTTY Installation Guide PDF 23/02/2018

Firmware Releases

Firmware Type Date
Mataki-Classic Firmware V5.4.4 ZIP 28/02/2018
Mataki-Lite Firmware V1.2.3 ZIP 23/10/2019

Example Wildlife Studies

Study Description
Mataki Video A clip from the BBC show "Last of the summer sea birds" demonstrating Mataki-Classic tags being used by the RSPB
Sea Birds, Scotland A large scale study of sea birds off the Scottish East coast using Mataki-Classic tags
Dominican Republic A study of black-capped petrels by Clemson University and NGO Grupo Jaragua using Mataki-Classic and Mataki-Lite tags in the Caribbean