The following design and schematics are the property of Debug Innovations Ltd. They are free for non-commercial use. Contact me if you intend any other use.

Hardware Design Files Type
TTL Terminal Schematic PDF
TTL Terminal Parts List XLS
TTL Terminal PCB Layout PDF
V1.1 Constructed PCB JPG
V1.1 Bare PCB Top JPG
V1.1 Bare PCB Bottom JPG

PIC Software Type
V1.1 TTL Terminal PIC Firmware HEX
V1.2 TTL Terminal PIC Firmware HEX
What's new in V1.2 Firmware TXT
V1.4 TTL Terminal PIC Firmware (Beta) HEX
What's new in V1.4 Firmware TXT

The following program can be used to test your terminal and demonstrate its capabilities. It is a Windows console mode application with a choice of 4 demos. Connect the terminal to a PC serial port. Requires V1.2 or higher PIC firmware.

Demo Software Type
Terminal Demo for Windows EXE